Raccoona Matata

Balsamport Archives Episode 7

The group receives a letter inviting them to dinner with Daniel Richards. Emily has a talk with her sister. Rasmus has a gift for Essie. Essie reunites with an old friend. And Morwhenna takes care of some personal matters.

A Lingering Foulness – Part Two

Balsamport Archives Episode 6

As Emily and Morwhenna try to research a way to dispatch of the creature, Essie and Rasmus set out to rid the city of the fetid fog that lingers in its wake. Time is running out, and this threat will push them to their limits. Only by working together, do they stand a chance at […]

A Lingering Foulness – Part One

Balsamport Archives Episode 5

A foul odour has engulfed the city of Balsamport. Officials are unable to find the source, and are advising citizen to remain indoors as much as possible. Cabin fever is setting in, prompting the gang to investigate the rotten funk. Will Emily, Essie, Morwhenna and Rasmus find the origins of the ever-present stench?

Dinner at the Sailor Prom

Balsamport Archives Episode 4

Welcome to the Maritime Academy Fundraiser! Balsamport’s premiere showcase of local talent. Come join Emily and Essie as they set out on what is sure to be a pleasant evening filled with live entertainment and a lavish assortment of delectables. Unless of course, something were to arise and put the girls in danger. In which […]

Labyrinth of the Star

Balsamport Archives Episode 3

An amazing adventure awaits the group as Rasmus is recruited to help find an acquaintance who has gone missing. Morwhenna, on her way to meet up with him discovers an anomaly in the downtown area. She calls in Emily and Essie to help dispelled the mystical deviation.

The Mayer of Sugartown

Balsamport Archives Episode 2

It’s been a few weeks since the group stumbled through the mysterious black doors that led them to a downtown apartment when Emily suddenly discovers another such door in the library. After notifying Morwhenna and gathering Essie and Rasmus, the group embarks on what is sure to be a sweet investigation.

Shedding the Mortal Coil

Balsamport Archives Episode 1

The Group Project’s pilot episode in which we begin a Monster of the Week adventure led by our Keeper Sean. We introduce our heroes, Rasmus (Reid), Emily (Joselyn), Essie (Meaghan), and Morwhenna (Elder Meaghan) as they delve into the strange occurrences taking place in the city of Balsamport. Join us as we bumble through this […]